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I am running for American Library Association President and would welcome your ideas, suggestions and concerns.

To contact me off-blog, feel free to e-mail me at  either my personal e-mail <> or my campaign e-mail <> 

I'd love to hear from you--Sara


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 Hi!  I am a 6-12 Library Media Specialist in Lake Placid, NY and a past-president of AASL. I'm now running for ALA president. I think it is the right time to have a school librarian as the spokesperson for ALA.

Most of my professional experience has been as a school librarian; I have also served on two public library boards (president of the Board of Trustees for one) and taught as an adjunct at two academic institutions. I have always told people that my official title is "school library media specialist" but that if you shorten it, you use the word "librarian." And I work in a Library Media Center, but if it's shortened, it's a Library.  That “L” word is important to me: it’s a connection to all libraries, librarians, trustees and library workers.


I "grew up” as an active member of New York Library Association’s School Library Media Section and the Youth Services Section. NYLA connects all library types, speaking effectively with one voice about the state's libraries, no matter their size or mission. Their vision has shaped my activism in ALA.


During my term as President of AASL, I was deeply impressed with the interaction and cooperation between the thousands of volunteers and the dedicated ALA staff. My inspiration for running was a speech Hillary Clinton gave as a First Lady. She said, ‘If you don’t participate, you’re going to leave it to those who do. And you may not like what you find.”  It’s not the ALA way to “let someone else do it.”


The American Library Association is our professional national voice. I am proud to be considered for the office of President.


The ALA Code of Ethics matters a great deal to me. The seven Key Action Areas of ALA mirror my personal concerns and interests: Diversity, Equitable Access to Information and Library Services, Education and Lifelong Learning, Intellectual Freedom, Advocacy for Libraries and the Profession, Literacy and Organizational Excellence. The last speaks to the need for ALA to be inclusive, effective and responsive to the needs of ALA members. 


We have much to do to in these days of shrinking and tight budgets, balancing a widening digital divide and the incredible potential for advancement in services. Connected, we can meet the challenges.


I am ready to put my energy, expertise and enthusiasm to work for ALA--and for you.

A long-time focus of mine has been encouraging all ALA members to vote in the upcoming ALA election. And, this year, I hope you will vote for me!