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I am running for American Library Association President and would welcome your ideas, suggestions and concerns.

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ALA Virtual Poster session

When I read this press release on the ALA site, I immediately thought of the many school libraries who are vital to their communities. I KNOW that many, many school libraries are centers of learning and are visible outside their buildings and hope that there will be entries and winners from school libraries. (OK, I am annoyed that they didn't list school libraries as one of the examples in the proposal requirements. But we do this.)

Here’s a chance to promote your library program (Nov. 15 deadline):

This year, under American Library Association (ALA) President Jim Rettig’s leadership, members will have new opportunities to participate in ALA and to communicate their success stories. One of these opportunities is an ALA-wide virtual poster session.

The first of two poster sessions will debut this fall. Its focus is Community Central.”

Share your experiences of making your library vital in your community (any kind of community). The possibilities are almost endless. Are you reaching underserved populations? Are you vital to local political activity? Is your library a center of learning? Are you visible outside the building? Demonstrate the specific purpose of your community involvement and the ways that you have achieved that purpose. Photos, images, and sounds may accompany your presentation.

To be considered for inclusion in the poster session, please send a proposal in the form of a summary of your library’s efforts, making sure to address the following points:

  1. Question or problem (need not be stated as hypotheses)
  2. Environmental context of the question or problem (such as public libraries, academic libraries)
  3. Organizational context of the question or problem (internal services, outreach, community analysis, etc.)
  4. Approaches to address the question or problem (i.e., the specific ways the library and its staff have addressed the kinds of programs and activities mentioned in the Community Central description)
  5. Outcomes (details on the effects of the approaches, including data, testimonials or other evidence of community involvement)

The summary must be no longer than three pages, double-spaced (one or more photos or images may be included as part of the three pages).

The deadline for submitting proposals is Nov. 15. Approximately 25 submissions will be selected and will be available for viewing during January 2009. Please send the proposals via e-mail to Dr. John M. Budd at

A second virtual poster session will take place in the spring of 2009.

Rettig’s initiatives for his presidential term are about “Creating Connections” –connections among our libraries; connections between the communities we serve and those who make funding and policy decisions; connections with prospective library workers; connections with ALA members. His initiatives address three critical issues: Advocacy, Diversity and Member Participation.

For more information about ALA President Jim Rettig’s initiatives, please visit .


Whoo-hoo! $4.4 million for Washington state students

The Washington state legislature has allocated new funds for school libraries, thanks to the work of Lisa, Susan and Denette and the hundreds of people who followed their lead, provided resources and backing, and called, e-mailed, visited and otherwise let the legislators know that a "citizens' army" felt strongly about strong school libraries for Washington's students.  Check out the Spokane Moms' site and blog for all the facts--and the drama!

The Spokane Moms are willing to help parents and librarians in other states and have been contacted by people from OR, CA and AZ so far. I don’t know who in CA was the contact, but will see if I can get a name. The movement started with the Moms and was quickly backed by WLMA who provided networking and resources Lisa, Susan and Denette didn’t have. AASL and ALA spend a lot of time working with them.

Many of us have volunteers and parents who are supportive of strong library programs. Sending them to the to site and encouraging them to help is a good move. Parent are powerful advocates. As an organization, AASL will be targeting parent organizations first as we work to have more influence. Librarians must show up, but not alone….


ALA elections..Please vote!

Please vote in the ALA Elections. The 4,282 ALSC members, and 5,688 YALSA members constitute a strong youth presence within ALA. Add to that the 9,380 AASL members who represent a specific type of library! Representation by all of the above reflected on the governing ALA Council will give voice to youth services and school libraries. By sheer numbers, these combined divisions are a major voting block in ALA.

It is critical that Council has many voices speaking for youth and school members. On our web page, AASL has listed those candidates who are members of youth divisions.

Please pay special attention to credentials for the candidates.  We can really make a difference on Council if every AASL, ALSC, and YALSA member votes. The ballots will be available next week.

Please vote! The more votes we have, the louder our voice...

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