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"Back in the saddle again" after San Antonio

A great Midwinter conference in a nice, warm city was made difficult by tough travel connections and non-working e-mail in my hotel room until the last morning (when I was there after 8am and could get the engineer to help). I spent the night in a Newark, NJ motel unexpectedly both on the way down and back. I got to school at 1pm yesterday (instead of 7:20am) and literally ran around for the two hours I was there, headed to SUNY Plattsburgh to teach my first LIB105 section of the semester <> using materials tweaked from last semester in the day's airports, and then drove home in snow, arriving home at 10:30pm for the first time since I left for San Antonio on the previous Thursday. Tomorrow we will host Chris Crutcher all day so I was a bit frantic today, too.  I'll get to relax on Sunday night after a SLMS/NYLA Board meeting on Saturday and Sunday morning (which I'm not ready for--yet). I'm thrilled that Barb Stripling will be bring her Information Fluency Continuum to Cornell for our members!


It was  well worth it to see friends, enjoy the great weather and food, and see AASL and ALA  work quickly and surely to pass the Council resolution on the 65% Solution unanimously that about 15 of us created over the holiday break using a wiki <>  True collaboration! 


It was really heartening to hear Keith Fiels voice ALA's support of AASL's fight to save positions and programs at Saturday's  AASL Board meeting. I especially liked his statement that we MUST tell legislators and administrators that "How could they say they were FOR education and still cut libraries!" 


I did get to give my candidate's speech for AASL president and Cassandra Barnett and I launched our joint attempt to get  AASL members to vote, using the slogan that was my immediate thought when I realized I need a slogan, "Just Vote, Dammit!"  It takes 2000 votes to elect someone to ALA Council and 1818 AASL members voted in the last election. YIKES! We need as loud a school/youth vote on Council that we can get and this is NOT how to do it! I am really pleased that AASL's division councilor, Terri Kirk, was re-elected to ALA's Exec Board, giving us one seat on that august Board. I trust Terri's voice.

I'm going to try to attach my speech to this blog; I'm very new at this so it might not work. I gave a 10 minute speech in five minutes and had to cut a lot of it so this will be my REAL speech.

It was great to see old friends and to make new ones in San Antonio. I do miss the good weather since it is -10 degrees here tonight. We DO need some thick ice to make our ice palace, though. I'd hate to think about our Winter Carnival without one! <> The mascot is NOT named after me, though. Really!


Nice to have this blog finally launched!  Best to all, Sara Kelly Johns

 PS--I DID find out that dancing in cowboy boots is really comfortable!

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