Questions about the future directions of ALA
Thursday, December 10, 2009 at 05:28PM
Sara Kelly Johns

I have been itching to ask the questions below as I work on my campaign platform.  I'm a good listener and will appreciate responses from everyone who will take the time to answer, member or non-member.

ALA, as part of its environmental scan for the next strategic plan, has been conducting member forums at every state conference and some of you may have taken part in them. The ideas that are being reported on ALA Connect show caring, thoughtful, forward-thinking responses.  I know that attendance has been low at most of the forums because they are always competing with other great programs but there are proposals that really can drive the work of ALA.  Thus, I would like to ask for participation from you in my campaign by answering questions that are similar to those that ALA has been asking. Feel free to answer all or some of them, either as blog comments or in an e-mail to me at <>.

1. What are the most important issues facing ALA today? Libraries? Our profession? How can ALA help solve those issues?

2. How can ALA strategically remain relevant in the future, including increasing membership and involvement, furthering the mission of the organization, and providing value to the profession?

3. Midwinter is next month. What brings members and others to Midwinter and Annual conferences? How do you see ALA changing traditional conference attendance in the future?

And, other thoughts and concerns are welcome. Thanks!


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