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Whoo-hoo! $4.4 million for Washington state students

The Washington state legislature has allocated new funds for school libraries, thanks to the work of Lisa, Susan and Denette and the hundreds of people who followed their lead, provided resources and backing, and called, e-mailed, visited and otherwise let the legislators know that a "citizens' army" felt strongly about strong school libraries for Washington's students.  Check out the Spokane Moms' site and blog for all the facts--and the drama!

The Spokane Moms are willing to help parents and librarians in other states and have been contacted by people from OR, CA and AZ so far. I don’t know who in CA was the contact, but will see if I can get a name. The movement started with the Moms and was quickly backed by WLMA who provided networking and resources Lisa, Susan and Denette didn’t have. AASL and ALA spend a lot of time working with them.

Many of us have volunteers and parents who are supportive of strong library programs. Sending them to the to site and encouraging them to help is a good move. Parent are powerful advocates. As an organization, AASL will be targeting parent organizations first as we work to have more influence. Librarians must show up, but not alone….

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Reader Comments (3)

Hi Sara,

I have a website in Spokane that is for mamas and I'd love to contact the Spokane Moms that you listed as making a difference here in the Spokane area. I'm always looking for moms to feature on the SpokaneMama Blog and If you could send me their blog link or email I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
November 23, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterDebra
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