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Washington Senate bill passed unanimously...on to the House!

DenetteSusanLisa.jpgThank you to everyone around the country who have passed the word on about the Washington legislation and/or showed support in other ways. Lisa's mother even came from Ohio to stay with her family so that she could be in Olympia!

GREAT news came later yesterday afternoon from Susan McBurney, one of the Spokane Moms (Denette, Susan and Lisa):

Susan wrote:

Well folks, unbelievably good news!

Olympia continues to mystify and thrill us. After passing out of Ways and Means yesterday, we expected to wait to be scheduled in the Senate Rules Committee. But .... SB#6380 was heard by and passed through the Rules committee this morning, and then went for a full Senate floor vote this afternoon. Senators McAuliffe, Eide, Marr, Brown, Honeyford, Hargrove, and Parlette spoke in support of the bill, and it in was UNANIMOUSLY PASSED just after 4pm this afternoon.

Lisa was there to experience it, and was mentioned by name in Senator Eide's speech. Our grassroots effort was also publicly recognized in the speeches given by Senators Brown, McAuliffe and Parlette.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for all you've done to get us here! This is an AMAZING accomplishment, a testament to all of us! The bill will go over to the house next. We'll keep you posted.

There will be more info. posted at the blog later
But we wanted you to know the great news.


Susan and Denette

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